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Asian Journal of Social Psychology (AJSP) is published by the Asian Association of Social Psychology, Wiley, and supported by Beijing Normal University. The journal is ISI-listed, and is read widely throughout the world.

The journal publishes theoretical and empirical papers as well as major reviews of research on specific topics by Asian scholars and those interested in Asian cultures and societies. The journal positively encourages submissions with Asian content and/or Asian authors, but also welcomes high-quality submissions from any part of the world. Coverage includes all aspects of social processes such as development, cognition, personality, health, counselling, organisation and education. The journal encourages interdisciplinary integration with social sciences and humanities.

Members of AASP can access the full content of the journal by entering their member login on the AASP website and then clicking through to journal content here.

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The Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology (JPRP) is published by Cambridge as an e-journal. The journal fills a void in contemporary psychology, with a focus on a region of the world that is extraordinarily vast, easily recognisable, and rich in cultural diversity and includes Oceania, Australasia, East Asia and the Western Seaboard of the Americas, and the 'hub' in the wheel - the Hawaiian Islands and other Pacific Island Nations.

Conference Proceedings

Read the proceedings of the Conferences of the Asian Association of Social Psychology published under the title Progress in Asian Social Psychology.

Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP) Newsletters

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