Message from the President

Professor Hoon-Seok Choi
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Dear Members of AASP

It is my honor and great pleasure to serve AASP as President for the period of 2019-2021. Established in 1995, AASP has become one of the major psychology organizations in Asia with over 1,300 members from many parts of the world, including the Far East, South East Asia, India, Oceania, North America, and Europe. Over the past 20 years, members of AASP have contributed to the development of social psychology and played a key role in solving important social issues in the region. AASP’s flagship journal, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, has continued to grow with an increasing impact both academically and practically. Through its biennial conference and diverse summer school programs, AASP has also provided a set of platforms where members enjoy intellectual stimulation and develop critical skills for their research. On looking at where we stand now as an academic organization, I see many great achievements and full of positive energy with a warm, family-like atmosphere. I truly hope that we will continue our efforts and collaborations to realize the full potential of our association and create opportunities for further growth.

I look forward to opening up a hopeful future in tandem with all members of AASP.


The Executive Committee

We have some changes in the Officers group and the Executive Committee. Allan Bernardo has completed his role as Past-President. Sylvia Chen Joined the group as President-Elect of the association. Emi Kashima has completed her role as President and is now the Immediate Past-President. Jim Liu has completed his role as Secretary General, and Fang Wang will serve the association as Secretary General for the next two years. Wendy Li continues to serve as Treasurer, and so does Itesh Sachdev as Chair of the Education and Training Committee. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Allan Bernardo, Emi Kashima, and Li Liu for their hard work and sacrifice for the association. Their commitment to excellence and incessant love for our organization will be remembered by all members of AASP for a long time. Also, I welcome Sylvia Chen and Fang Wang to the Officers group with a great deal of joy and excitement.

We also have changes in the Representatives of the association. Hiroaki Morio (East Asia Rep), Hamdi Muluk (South East Asia Rep.), Jungsik Kim (Korea Rep-at-Large), Della Belleza (Philippines Rep-at-Large), Ching Wan (Singapore Rep-at-Large), Watch Boonyasiriwat (Thailand Rep-at-Large), and Katya Hanke (Germany Rep-at-Large) have completed their term as Regional Representative/Representative-at-Large. I thank all of them for their valuable service for the association over the years. Replacing these individuals and filling in other positions, Keiko Ishii (East Asia Rep), Antonio Clemente (South East Rep), Jian Guan (China Rep-at-Large), Youngmi Kwon (Korea Rep-at-Large), Shige Oishi (North America Rep-at-Large), Sutarimah Ampuni (Indonesia Rep-at-Large), Ken Ito (Singapore Rep-at-large), Thipnapa Huansuriya (Thailand Rep-at-Large), and Mostafa Zarean(Middle East Rep-at-Large) joined the team. Thank you and welcome on board ! I also thank Sammyh Kahn (Europe Rep-at-Large), Emma Buchtel (Hong King Rep-at-Large), and Elaine Fernadez (Malaysia Rep-at-Large) for their continued service for the association.

AASP 2021



Abstract submission OPENS on June 15th!

We announce with excitement that abstract submission for AASP 2021 Seoul is now open!

Abstracts should be submitted online via our website submission system no later than December 31st24:00, 2020 (Seoul TimeGMT+9)

We look forward to seeing you in Seoul! 






President's Message

Dear Presenters and Prospective Participants of AASP2021 Seoul Conference,

Hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and well.

Let me take this opportunity to give you an update on AASP2021 Seoul Conference.

Members of the AASP2021 Organizing Committee have recently met to discuss how to prepare for the conference in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. As you might imagine, we have been facing a great deal of uncertainty due to the highly volatile situations around the world, just hoping that things will turn for the better soon. Although the end of all this doesn't seem any close, Korea has been handling the crisis effectively with a high degree of government efficiency and civic engagement. Nevertheless, Korea still has a 2-week quarantine policy for people coming from overseas, and unfortunately we do not know for how long it will last. This will certainly be the key factor in our future decisions for the conference.

Given the circumstances, the AASP2021 Organizing Committee has decided to give another couple of months before considering alternative formats of the upcoming conference. In the meantime, I will discuss with the AASP Executive Committee to find the best possible solution and make the final announcement by early December.

Along these lines, the AASP2021 Organizing Committee has decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission with the hope that it will help prospective participants in their preparation for attending the conference. So, we now announce that the new deadline for abstract submission is December 31, 2020.

I hope you understand that as of now we are not left with many options other than just to wait and see how things pan out in the next few months. In any case, I would like to assure you that the Organizing Committee will consider health and well-being of the participants most important and proceed with the conference with caution.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Hoon-Seok Choi


Asian Association of Social Psychology


Update on COVID-19 situation in Korea

As is well known, South Korea has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic effectively with a great deal of effort at all levels. As of October 3, over two million tests have been conducted with a positivity rate of 1.0%. At this point, the Korean government is enforcing a ‘level-2’ quarantine policy which involves a 2-week self-quarantine for all individuals coming from overseas. Although there has been a small-scale increase in the number of confirmed cases since the second wave that hit the nation in mid-August, we are seeing positive signs that give us a hint of optimism about the future. For example, the Korean government is easing up restrictions for key business personnel, and we expect to see gradually a larger-scale opening of the society in the near future. Along the lines, we are closely monitoring the situation with a sustained effort to find the best possible options for the upcoming Seoul conference. We will continue to give you an update on the COVID-19 situation in Korea as we move forward.

Detailed information can be also found here (








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