Casting the Individual in Societal and Cultural Contexts

Publisher: Seoul: Kyoyook-Kwahak-Sa

Editors: James H. Liu, Colleen Ward, Allan Bernardo, Minoru Karasawa, and Ronald Fischer



Section 1: History, Harmony and Conflict – James H. LIU

  • Chapter 1–General Introduction. Minoru KARASAWA, James H. LIU, Colleen WARD, Allan BERNARDO, and Ronald FISCHER.
  • Chapter 2–Perspectives shaping development of social psychology in India. Janak PANDEY.
  • Chapter 3–Harmony and Controversy: the Yin and Yang of Conflict in East Asian and Western Cultures. Frances P. BREW.
  • Chapter 4–Conflict Resolution Patterns and Relational Context: An Exploratory Study Combining Etic and Emic Theories in Taiwan. Li-li HUANG, K.Y JONE, and T.K. PENG.
  • Chapter 5–Cognitive Causes of Conflict Avoidance among Japanese: An Approach from Pluralistic Ignorance. Ken-ichi OHBUCHI and Takashi SAITO.

Section 2: Self in Social Context – Allan BERNARDO

  • Chapter 6–The bicultural self of Chinese in Hong Kong. Sik-Hung NG, Norman YAM, and Julian LAI.
  • Chapter 7–Individuating and Relating Autonomy in Culturally Chinese Adolescents. Kuang-Hui YEH, Yih-Lan LIU, Hsiao-Shan HUANG, and Yung-Jui YANG.
  • Chapter 8–The dynamism of self-narratives and its relation to explicit and implicit self-esteem. Hiroaki MORIO and Susumu YAMAGUCHI.
  • Chapter 9–Factor analysis of the state-trait resilience inventory (STRI) among Thai students. Siriperm CHOWSILPA.

Section 3: Culture Contact and Intergroup Relations – Colleen WARD

  • Chapter 10–Intercultural Social Factors in Asian-born International Students’ Depressive Symptoms. Alison L. NEIL and Anita S. MAK.
  • Chapter 11–Cross-cultural adaptation of Asian and Western international students in New Zealand. Paul JOSE, Colleen WARD, and James H. LIU.
  • Chapter 12–The well-being of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in Hawai‘i. Stephen FOX.
  • Chapter 13–Mortality salience and worldview defense: The role of self-esteem and culturally valued behaviour. Michael J. HALLORAN and Amy K. BROWN.

Section 4: From cognitive to social and collective processes – Ronald FISCHER

  • Chapter 14–How Asian folk beliefs of knowing affect the psychological investigation of cultural differences. Julie SPENCER-RODGERS, Melissa J. WILLIAMS, Kaiping PENG.
  • Chapter 15–Gender variation in reminiscence phenomena: A cross-cultural investigation. Shamsul HAQUE.
  • Chapter 16–The influence of art-activities on developing collective remembering among people in a hospital. Etsuko NAKAGAMI-YAMAGUCHI, Hironori HIRAI, Yumi SHO-GA, Haruo SHINTAKU, Tsunekazu YAMANO, Tomohide ATSUMI.
  • Chapter 17–Social Skills for Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships with the Elderly. Tomoko TANAKA, Kaoru YOSHIDA, Tomoko SHIMOMURA.
  • Chapter 18–Effects of Modality and Familiarity on Dialogue to Describe a Figure: Analysis of Speech Fillers. Etsuo MIZUKAMI, Koji YAMASHITA, and Hiroyuki YANO.
  • Chapter 19–Worldwide Survey of Cultural Display Rules. Seung Hee YOO, Emiko KASHIMA, Urip PURWONO, Achmad DJUNAIDI, Kusdwiratri SETIONO, David MATSUMOTO.