The Self, Relationships, and Subjective Well-being in Asia

Publisher: Seoul: Kyoyook-Kwahak-Sa

Editors: Allan B.I. Bernardo, Ma. Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco, and Ma. Emma Concepcion D. Liwag

Series Editor’s Preface: Kwork LEUNG


Introduction – Exploring Social Psychological Constructs in Asian Contexts

Allan B.I. BERNARDO, M. Cecilia GASTARDO-CONACO, Ma. Emma Concepcion D. LIWAG

Section 1: Self and cultural Identities

  • Chapter 1 – forged in fire: Silver Kris in the South China Sea Indigeneous Strengths of Singaporean Chinese and Malays. Weining C. CHANG
  • Chapter 2 – Categorization Cues and Ingroup-Outgroup Differentiation in Taiwan from Past to Present. Mei-chih LI, James H. LIU, Li-Li HUANG, and Maanling CHANG.
  • Chapter 3 – “My Grandfather was a Headhunter, And Wow, it is Cool!” The Present Telling and Relieving of a Sumbanese Family. Narrative. Nelden DJAKABABA.
  • Chapter 4 – Guilt, Shame, and Identity: A Cultural Perspective. Olwen BEDFORD.
  • Chapter 5 – A Cross-cultural Comparison of Behaviors and Independent/Interdependent Self-views. Kosuke TAKEMURA, Masaki YUKI, Emiko S. KASHIMA, and Michael HALLORAN.

Section 2: Gender in Self-Identity and Interpersonal Relations

  • Chapter 6 – Work, Family and Women’s Well-being: Challenges of the Future. Noraini M. NOOR.
  • Chapter 7 – Filipino Female Adolescents and Virginity: Schema, Attitude, Social Influences, and Behavioral Correlates. Mira Alexis P. OFRENEO.
  • Chapter 8 – Juveniles’ Motivation for Remaining in Prostitution. Olwen BEDFORD and Shu-Ling HWANG.
  • Chapter 9 – Gender Influences on the Relationship between Perceived Parenting Characteristics and Goal Orientation of Filipino College Students. Allan B. I. BERNARDO and Ma. Theresa UJANO-BATANGAN
  • CHAPTER 10 – Job Satisfaction and Empowerment in the Workplace among Cambodian Women. Sovanny CHHIM, Edna P. FRANCO, and Elizabeth GROZMAN.

Section 3: Ethnic Identity, Adjustment and Well-being

  • Chapter 11 – The Adaptation of Asian Migrant Adolescent in Australia and Canada: A Study of Chinese, East-Indian, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese Migrant Adolescents. Cynthia LEUNG, Kyunghwa KWAK, Rogelia PE-PUA and Wally KAMILOWICZ.
  • Chapter 12 – Identity, Intercultural Interaction, and Perceived Discrimination in International Students in New Zealand. Colleen WARD, Tracy BERNO, and Anne-Marie MASGORET.
  • Chapter 13 – Ethnic Identity and Generation Status as Moderators of Depressive Symptomatology and Identity Conflict in Chinese Australians. Chan-Hoong LEONG.
  • CHAPTER 14 – Psychological Impact of Economic Restructuring in Hong Kong. Chak Ling Julian LAI.