Conceptual and Empirical Contributions

Edited by: Kuo-Shu Yang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Kwang-Kuo Hwang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Paul B. Pederson (University of Hawaii, U.S.A.), Ikuo Daibo (University of Osaka, Japan).

Published by: Greenwood Press Westport, Connecticut London


Section A: Conceptual Perspectives

  • Chapter 1–Trends towards indigenization of psychology in India. Jai B. P. Sinha
  • Chapter 2–A Conceptual Exploration of the Korean Self: In Comparison with the Western Self. Sang-Chin Choi and Kibum Kim
  • Chapter 3–The role of the social psychologist and social science in the “Benevolent Authority” and “Plurality of Powers” systems of historical affordance for authority. James H. Liu and Shu-hsien Liu

Section B: Socialization in Family and School

  • Chapter 4–The Beneficial and Harmful Effect of Filial Piety: An Integrating Analysis. Kuang-Hui Yeh
  • Chapter 5–Parental Beliefs about Shame and Moral Socialization in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States. Heidi Fung, Eli Lieber and Patrick W. L. Leung
  • Chapter 6–The Role of Social and Personal Factors in the Chinese View of Education. Wen-ying Lin

Section C: Achievement and Achievement Motivation

  • Chapter 7–Individual Differences and Prototypical Stories: Achievement Motivation in Taiwan and the United States. Eli Lieber and An-Bang Yu
  • Chapter 8–Collectivism and Situation Variations on The Motivation to Achieve in Singapore. Weining C. Chang and Lilian Quak
  • Chapter 9–An Indigenous Analysis of Success Attribution: Comparison of Korean students and adults. Uichol Kim and Young-Shin Park

Section D: Group and Intergroup Dynamic

  • Chapter 10–Effects of Communication Medium and Goal Setting on Group Brainstorming. Asako Miura
  • Chapter 11–Coexistence of equity and interpersonal harmony among recipients: Reward allocation as an instrument for group management. Fumio Murakami
  • Chapter 12–Overcoming the Ironic Rebound: Effective and Ineffective Strategies for Stereotype Suppression. Tomoko OE and Takashi OKA
  • Chapter 13–The Effects of Nationality, Length of Residence and Occupational Demand on the Perceptions of “Foreign Talent” in Singapore. Anna Lim and Colleen Ward

Section E: Deviant behavior and Rehabilitation

  • Chapter 14–The effects of school violence on psychological adjustment of Korean Adolescents: A comparative analysis of bullies, victims, and bystanders. Kye-min Yang, Hyun-hee Chung and Uichol Kim
  • Chapter 15–Does the media coverage of capital punishment have a deterrence effect on the occurrence of brutal crimes?: An analysis of the Japanese time-series data from 1959-1990. Akira Sakamoto, Kiyoko Sekiguchi, Aya Sinkyu and Yuko Okada
  • Chapter 16–Eastern and Western Perspectives on Social Psychology for Rehabilitation. Sing-Fai Tam, Wai-Kwong Man and Yuen-Yee Jenny Ng