Call for Expressions of Interest for the Editorship of Asian Journal of Social Psychology (AJSP)


Asian Journal of Social Psychology (AJSP) is the flagship journal of the Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP), published in collaboration with Beijing Normal University. The AASP are currently seeking nominations (including self‐nominations) for the journal’s next Editor‐in‐Chief, whose term will run from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023.
Professor Allan B. I. Bernardo, the current Editor-in-Chief of AJSP, will end his tenure at the end of December in 2020. As President of AASP, I herewith call on all AASP members to submit names of candidates to serve as Editor-in-Chief of AJSP in keeping with the rules stipulated in AASP’s Constitution.
The AASP will also consider nominations involving Co‐Editors‐in‐Chief, whereby Editorial duties are shared (see, for example, the Editorial structures of British Journal of Social Psychology and European Journal of Social Psychology).
Please note that one must be an AASP member in good standing (i.e., 2020 membership dues paid) to be nominated for the position. Nominations for the position can be made only by AASP members who are in good standing with AASP (i.e., 2020 membership dues paid). Please be advised that the nominator should get approval of the person being nominated before submission.
The deadline to submit nominations is the 30th of June 2020 at 11:59 PM (Seoul time).
I thank you in advance for your attention, and I look forward to receiving your nominations.
Hoon-Seok Choi, Ph.D. President
Asian Association of Social Psychology


About the journal

Aims and scope
Asian Journal of Social Psychology publishes empirical papers and major reviews on any topic in social psychology and personality, and on topics in other areas of basic and applied psychology that highlight the role of social psychological concepts and theories. The journal coverage also includes all aspects of social processes such as development, cognition, emotions, personality, health and well-being, in the sociocultural context of organisations, schools, communities, social networks, and virtual groups. The journal encourages interdisciplinary integration with social sciences, life sciences, engineering sciences, and the humanities. The journal positively encourages submissions with Asian content and/or Asian authors but welcomes high-quality submissions from any part of the world.
General information
• Frequency and publication times: AJSP is a quarterly journal, publishing in March, June, September and December. The journal offers authors rapid speed to publication using Wiley’s article‐by‐article publication process, Early View
• Impact Factor: The journal’s 2018 2‐year Impact Factor is 1.07
• Readership: AJSP had over 135,000 full text downloads in 2019
• Submissions: On average the journal receives approximately 400 submissions a year, and publishes approximately 40 articles over four issues.

The role of the editor‐in‐chief

In brief, the Editor is responsible for:
• Working with the AASP and Wiley to set the strategic direction of the journal and determine the structure of the Editorial Board;
• Working with the Editorial Board to solicit content in line with the aims and scope of the journal;
• Overseeing the peer review process. This includes screening papers for quality control and assigning them to Associate Editors for actioning the review process;
• Maintenance of appropriate ethical standards during peer review;
• Ensuring that all content accepted for publication is of a suitable standard;
• Ensuring manuscripts and proof corrections are provided to the Publisher according to the agreed publication schedule.
AASP provides a stipend for the Editor‐in‐Chief(s), which may be shared with Associate Editors.
The EiC(s) will be provided with technical support in managing the journal’s submission and peer review management system, ScholarOne, by the journal’s publisher (Wiley).
Due to the lead times involved in the production process, the current Editor‐in‐Chief will produce his final issue of the journal to be published in December 2021. The incoming Editor‐in‐Chief(s) will be appointed for a 3‐year period from 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2023, and will be responsible for issues starting from Volume 25 (2022).

About the AASP

The mission of AASP (The Asian Association of Social Psychology), which the Editor‐in‐Chief will uphold, is to ‘provide scholars in Asia and the Pacific with a collaborative forum for the discussion, promotion, capability building, and publication of their research. It promotes research on Asian traditions, philosophies, and ideas that have scientific merit and practical applications, and expands the boundary, substance, and direction of social psychology by supplementing and integrating Western psychology’s focus on intra‐individual processes with a broader and more holistic view from culture and society’.

Nominations and inquiries

Nominations or inquiries should be directed to Professor Hoon-Seok Choi (Email:
The search process will continue until the nominee is approved by AASP, with approvals not to take place prior to 30 June 2020.