Secretary General

Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China



Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow, Social and Organizational Psychology, 2008-2010

Beijing Normal University, Ph.D., Psychology, 2005


Xiaomin Sun is a Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology at Beijing Normal University. She currently severs as the Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Association of Social Psychology, Executive Director of the Division of Economic Psychology of Chinese Psychological Society.

Research Interests

  • Income inequality and relative deprivation

  • Consumer decision making

  • Judicial decision making

Recent Publications

Bao, R., Sun, X.*, Liu Z., Fu, Z., Xue, G (2020). Dispositional greed inhibits prosocial behaviors: An emotive – social cognitive dual-process model. Current Psychology, DOI: 10.1007/s12144-020-00928-5

Fei, L., Shi, H., Sun, X.*, Liu, J., Shi, H. & Zhu, Y. (2020). The profile of Ponzi scheme victims in China and the characteristics of their decision-making process. Deviant Behavior., DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2020.1768639 

Liu, Z. & Sun, X*. & Guo Y. & Luo F. (2019) Mindful parenting inhibits adolescent from being greedy: The mediating role of adolescent core self-evaluations. Current psychology, 2019, DOI: 10.1007/s12144-019-00577-3

An, Y., Sun, X.*, Wang K., Shi, H., Zhu.,Y., Liu Z., Luo, F., Xue, G. (2020) Core self-evaluations associated with workaholism: The mediating role of perceived job demands. Personnel Review, DOI: 10.1108/PR-05-2019-0263

Liu, Z., Sun, X*., & Tsydypov, L. (2019). Scarcity or luxury: Which leads to adolescent greed? Evidence from a large-scale Chinese adolescentsample. Journal of adolescence, 77, 32-40.

Jiang, X., Hu, X., Liu, Z., Sun, X*., & Xue, G. (2020). Greed as an adaptation to anomie: The mediating role of belief in a zero-sum game and the buffering effect of internal locus of control. Personality and Individual Differences, 152, 109566.