Name: Liz (Elizabeth) Jones

Position: Professor and Head of Department of Psychology

Current Institution: Monash University Malaysia


Education: BA (Hons), PhD The University of Queensland, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

Background: Prof Liz Jones is Head of Department of Psychology and is Past President and a Fellow of the International Association of Language and Social Psychology (IALSP). She has been at Monash University Malaysia since 2020. Prior to that she was Director of Organisational Psychology at Griffith University. She co-established the South East Asian Indigenous Psychology (SEAIP) network in 2021.

Liz’s research interests centre on intergroup communication, stigma, and life transitions, with a particular focus on the health sector. Her recent work has focused on cross-cultural studies of health stigma, interprofessional practice and health practitioner-client communication.  In addition, she continues research on the transition to university and from university to work, and the experiences of parents of preterm infants, particularly those from minority groups. She has led a health communication taskforce for IALSP, and edited Special Issues for Journal of Language and Social Psychology.