Current Institutional Affiliation, Country

Curtin University, Australia



Ph. D University of British Columbia, Canada


I grew up in Japan, received my education in Japan, the United States, and then Canada. I am now working as a cultural psychologist in Perth, Australia. Before that I had a position in Hong Kong. 

My research asks the question of how culture shapes our mind and how our mind shapes culture. Specific topics I have examined over the years include role of culture in shaping self-evaluation, approach-avoidance motivation, and interpersonal relationships (e.g., friendship, trust). I’m also interested in psychological issues associated with cultural change and international migration. 

Research Interests

  • social & cultural psychology
  • how culture influences self, motivation, social relations, group processes.
  • psychology of globalization, cultural change, immigration, sojourning

Selected publications 

Chan, M., Hamamura, T., & Janschewitz, K. (2013). Ethnic differences in physical pain sensitivity: role of acculturation. PAIN, 154, 119-123

Hamamura, T., (2012). Are cultures becoming individualistic? A cross-temporal comparison of individualism-collectivism in the U.S. and Japan. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 16, 3-24.

Hamamura, T. & Li, M. W. (2012) Discerning cultural identification from a thinly sliced behavioural sample. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 1698-1707.

Hamamura, T., & Septarini, G. B (2017). Culture and self-esteem over time: A cross-temporal meta-analysis among Australians, 1978-2014. Social Psychological and Personality Science

Hamamura, T., & Xu. Y. (2015). Changes in Chinese culture as examined through changes in personal pronouns usage. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46, 930–941.

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