Asian Journal of Social Psychology (AJSP) is published by the Asian Association of Social Psychology and Wiley. The journal is ISI-listed, and is read widely throughout the world.

Aims and Scope

Asian Journal of Social Psychology publishes theoretical and empirical papers as well as major reviews of research on specific topics by Asian scholars and those interested in Asian cultures and societies. The journal positively encourages submissions with Asian content and/or Asian authors, but also welcomes high-quality submissions from any part of the world. Coverage includes all aspects of social processes such as development, cognition, personality, health, counselling, organisation and education. The journal encourages interdisciplinary integration with social sciences and humanities.

Editorial Board

Asian Journal of Social Psychology is Edited by Yu Niiya, based at Hosei University, supported by a team of Senior, Associate and Consulting Editors. For the full Editorial Board listing, please click here.

Submitting to AJSP

  • The journal welcomes submissions. Authors should read the Author Guidelines available here.
  • Watch the 2011 AJSP Publishing Seminar “From constructing a paper to constructing a research program” You’ll hear practical advice on getting published.

Accessing AJSP content

The journal homepage can be accessed here.

If you are a member of AASP, you will need to login as a member first, and then click through to the journal homepage to access full content.