Dear AASP Members,

I am pleased to announce that Professor Minoru Karasawa (Nagoya University, Japan) and Professor Xiaomin Sun (Beijing Normal University, China) have formally been nominated as the President-Elect and Secretary General of the AASP respectively. These nominations have been approved by the AASP Executive Committee. Since there was no other candidate, Professor Minoru Karasawa will officially take over the position of President-Elect after Professer Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, and Professor Xiaomin Sun will take over the position of Secretary Gerneral after Professer Fang Wang, pending approval at the Annual General Meeting at the 14th biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology virtual conference in Seoul, July 29-31, 2021.

Congratulations, Professor Minoru Karasawa and Professor Xiaomin Sun!

Fang Wang 

AASP Secretary General