About Us

The Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP) was formed in 1995.


AASP (The Asian Association of Social Psychology)’s mission is to provide scholars in Asia and the Pacific with a collaborative forum for the discussion, promotion, capabilities building, and publication of their research. It promotes research on Asian traditions, philosophies, and ideas that have scientific merit and practical applications, and expands the boundary, substance, and direction of social psychology by supplementing and integrating Western psychology’s focus on intra-individual processes with a broader and more holistic view from culture and society.


A brief account of the first decade of the Asian Association of Social Psychology.


The Constitution of The Asian Association of Social Psychology.

Founding Members

Dr Yoshihisa Kashima
Department of Psychology
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

Professor Kwok Leung
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China

Dr Susumu Yamaguchi
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Dr Uichol Kim
Chung-Ang University
Seoul, Korea

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