The Asian Association of Social Psychology will provide financial support for Small Group Meetings that are organised by members of the Association and deemed especially worthwhile of funding by the AASP Executive Committee. The broad aim of these meetings is to bring members who share a particular research interest and expertise together for the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and for building the capacity of the participating researchers, especially, early-career researchers. These meetings should therefore include researchers of all career levels, potentially including leading researchers from outside of the AASP membership. They should provide participants with opportunities for in-depth discussions, skill development and networking for research collaboration. A potential small group meeting may bring together researchers interested in the topic of Asian values, or those who want to compare different social psychological approaches to study collective self-regulation, for instance. The meeting could potentially take place as a pre-conference or post-conference event around an AASP or other conference.


AASP Support:

  • The amount of financial support is a maximum of USD 10,000 (between $5k and $10k). Organisers are encouraged to obtain support from additional sources as required. For instance, the host institutions may contribute some degree of financial support for the meeting, including support for housing delegates, meals, venues, etc., when potential funding can be tapped.
  • At least 50% of organisers, and 50% of participants at the meeting, must be AASP members.
  • The meeting should include a minimum of 10 participants (no maximum).
  • The number of meetings to be supported will be determined by the Executive Committee each year, based on the availability of funding and the merit of proposals.
  • Organisers of a SGM will be encouraged to edit a special section/issue of the AJSP or to organise an invited symposium at a subsequent AASP conference.



  • The topic is attractive to the AASP membership, broadly consistent with the goals of AASP, and has scientific merit.
  • Participation by members from more than two countries and diverse membership, including early-career researchers and/or PhD students.
  • Well laid out budget which is reasonable; additional sources of support have been tapped.


Application Procedure:

  • The proposal can be submitted anytime, but the designated form [link] must be used.
  • A draft announcement of the meeting should be attached, ready for the AASP email list, the AASP Newsletter and the AASP webpage.
  • The Executive Committee will decide on the outcome of the application within one month.
  • Applications must be made at least 10 months prior to the planned meeting dates in order to give adequate time for publicising the meetings, submission of abstracts and feedback, and for travel arrangement. For instance, application for a meeting planned for November 2018 should be submitted by January 2018, so that the funding decision can be notified and the meeting can be announced in February, allowing time for abstract submission (say, May 2018), and notification to participants with an adequate amount of time ahead of the meeting (e.g. June 2018).
  • Successful applicants will receive 50% of the AASP support in advance. Within one month after the meeting, organisers are required to provide (1) a brief scientific report plus one or more photos from the meeting (to be published in the Newsletter), (2) the abstracts of the meeting, (3) an overview of the participants, and (4) a financial statement accounting for expenditure. The remaining 50% of the support will be paid to the organisers if the reports prove that the organisers have in fact met all the conditions for support as laid down by the AASP.
  • When budgeting, please use USD and include GST and other relevant taxes within the cost. No adjustment will be made for subsequent changes in foreign exchange rates.


AASP_Small_Group_Meeting_Guidelines & Application Form