Proceedings Of The 10th Asian Association Of Social Psychology Biennial Conference

Enhancing Quality of Life through Community Integrity and Cultural Diversity: Promoting Indigenous, Social and Cultural Psychology



  • Relationship between Students’ Achievement Goals for a Professional Curriculum and for a Specific Subject within the Curriculum - Surawit Assapun, Wiladlak Chuawanlee, Dusadee Yoelao, & Pasana Chularut
  • Predicting Intentions to Offer Healthy Foods to Buddhist Monks in Thailand Using the Theory of Planned Behavior, Self-efficacy, and Prosocial MotivationsWatcharaporn Boonyasiriwat, Narut Pornprasit, Chidsupang Chaiwiroj, & Supaporn Sanruan
  • The Guanxi Code: Five Operational Principles of Workplace Guanxi - MiaoHua Chen & Olwen Bedford
  • Does Parenting Disciplinary Practices Affect Social Behavior of Children Enrolled in Child Care Centers: Effect of Quality Child Care - Nazariah Shar’ie Bt. Janon & Syarifah Maisarah Bt. Syed Alwi
  • SES Enhancement Model for Phanse-Paradhi Community in India - Vikas S. Kamble
  • Exploring Stressful Live Events on Indonesian Adolescents - Andrian Liem, Reinhard Onggowijoyo, Elisabeth Santoso, Irine Kurniastuti, Kwartarini Yuniarti
  • ‘Does he or she make you a shopaholic?’ Mating motives elicit conspicuous consumption - Tingting Liu & Cai Xing
  • A socio-psychological approach to household behavior: The importance of group-oriented I-intentions and we-intentions - Silvia Mari & Richard P. Bagozzi
  • Culturally Confluent Evaluation: At the interface - Bridgette Masters-Awatere
  • Job satisfaction, Life Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life: An exploration of perceptions among the University Teaching Faculties of Thailand and Malaysia - Kanu Priya Mohan
  • Interpersonal Behavioral Difficulties of Muslim Students in Japan During Intercultural Contact Situations - Sachiko Nakano, Yuri Okunishi, & Tomoko Tanaka
  • Social exclusion, health and wellbeing of Iranian women: a review of the literature - Asiyeh Salehi, Neil Harris, Bernadette Sebar & Elisabeth Coyne
  • Coping Style of Non-tenured Lecturers - Ridwan Saptoto
  • The impact of some disease related variables on the psychological problems of chronically ill children - Ashiq Ali Shah & Azizah Othman
  • A Small Key Opens Big Doors: A Case Study of Textual Analysis on Perspective Taking in a Contact-Hypothesis-Based Religion Course in Pembangunan Jaya University - Gita Widya Laksmini Soerjoatmodjo
  • The Perilous Terrain of Racist Comedy in Malaysia: A Qualitative Inquiry Into Understanding How Malaysians Perceive Racist Comedy - Ross Stephenson & Tee Yu Jin
  • Challenges and Constraints Experienced by Chinese Immigrants in the South of Sweden - Xue Tao, Holly H. Y. Sit & Gertina J. van Schalkwyk
  • Dehumanization in the Judicial System: The Effect of Animalization and Mechanization of Defendants on Blame Attribution - Saori Tsukamoto & Minoru Karasawa
  • How to Incorporate the ‘Time’ Dimension in Social Psychological Research -From a study of Indonesian care workers in Japan - Minoura Yasuko, Asai Akiko, & Miyamoto Setsuko
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