The 2019 AASP Summer School was held in July 07-10, 2019, at Institute of Ethnology (IOE), Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. In total there were 36 applicants from different Asian countries and others (including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, China, Marcus, Australia and Taiwan) who were exposed to edge-cutting and insightful lessons from five excellent international instructors in Prof. Chi-Yue Chiu, Prof. Ying-Yi Hong, Prof. Angela Leung, Prof. Georgios Christopoulos and Prof. Chi-Ying Cheng. Over the four-day course extending from the morning lectures to afternoon small group’s (they were emerged by common interesting topics into five subgroups and supervised by five instructors respectively) discussion, the participants showed great enthusiasm and also in the last afternoon session they successfully presented their collaborative research proposals. In addition to the content, theoretical framework, methods and hypotheses, some sub-group even provided concrete timetable and budget of the project, and promised to present the outcome of the project in the next coming AASP conference.

The conference was instrumental in building collaborative relationships and the participants expressed their satisfaction towards their learning experiences and gratitude towards their instructors. They also expressed their keenness to join the upcoming AASP summer schools in 2021. Overall it was a great learning experience and we express our appreciation to the five excellent international scholars and all 36 participants, the success of the program is due to their involvement and contributions. In the end we would like to congratulate the five travel grant awardees of 2019 AASP Summer School: Jonathan C. De La Cerna, Juan Shi, Jiayu Chen, Yunita Faela Nisa and Yukari Jessica Tham.