Professor Noraini M Noor

Professor, Department of Psychology
International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


I read for my D.Phil. in social/health psychology at the University of Oxford (1990-1994) and have been with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) since 1990, prior to which I was with Universiti Sains Malaysia and the University of Malaya. I have twice served as the Head of the Psychology Department at IIUM and am presently the Coordinator of the Women for Progress Research Unit, and the Editor of Intellectual Discourse, one of the university journals.

My main area of interest is in women’s multiple roles and well-being, examining their role experiences, individual differences, and social support (at work, at home, and in the community). For many women who occupy multiple roles, spillover effects and work-family conflict are not uncommon. I am also interested in issues of peace psychology, notably on ethnic/racial conflicts as well as the role of religion in peacebuilding.

I am currently collaborating with a group of researchers, called the Una Quantitative Methods Learning Group focusing on developing a better understanding of the wider incidence of racial and ethnic attitudes and identities among young children, funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation and the Atlantic Philanthropies.

Research Interests

  • Women's work and family roles, work-home conflict, women's mental health
  • Work stress, work motivation and performance, workplace policies
  • Individual differences and women's mental health
  • Race relations
  • Religion and peacebuilding

Recent Publications

Tredoux, C., Noor, N.M. & de Paulo, L. (2009). Quantitative measures of respect and social inclusion in children: Overview and recommendations. Effective Education, 1, 169-186.

Din, M. & Noor, N.M. (2009). Prevalence and factors associated with depressive symptoms in Malay women. Women and Health, 49, 1-19.

Noor, N.M. (2008). Work and women's well-being: Religion and age as moderators.Journal of Religion and Health, 47, 476-490.

Montiel, C.J. & Noor, N.M. (Eds.) (2009). Peace Psychology in Asia. New York: Springer.

Noor, N.M (Ed.) (2009). An Insight into Post-Independence Malaysian Women’s Well-Being. Kuala Lumpur: IIUM Press.

Noor, N.M (Ed.) (2009). Psychology from an Islamic Perspective: A Guide to Teaching and Learning. Kuala Lumpur: IIUM Press.

Moten, A.R. & Noor, N.M. (Eds.) (2007). Democracy Terrorism the West and the Muslim World. Singapore: Thomson Publishing. 

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